1959 Armytage derailment

In December 1959 a goods train derailed at Armytage, between Winchelsea and Birregurra, demolishing the Princes Highway bridge in the process. The cause was believed to be a 'hot box' - an axle bearing overheated, causing the side frame and journal box to fall below the level of the rails, derailing the wagon.

Country Roads Board 1960 Annual Report

From the Country Roads Board 1960 Annual Report:

East of Armytage 2ยท8 miles were widened and reconstructed in preparation for sealing early in 1960-61.

A train derailment in December, 1959, resulted in the wrecking of the highway bridge over the railway near Armytage (Plate 19) and intense road traffic over the Christmas-New Year period had to be detoured.

A temporary bridge was constructed by the Board (Plate 20) and the highway reopened to traffic within fifteen days of the accident.


Victorian Railways 1977 Annual Report

From the Victorian Railways 1977 Annual Report:


Following an accident at Birregurra in December, 1959, in which a derailment to a goods train resulted in the demolition of a road-over-rail bridge with heavy damage (but fortunately no casualties), the protection of all similar bridge staunchion designs in Victoria was reviewed and, as a result, a programme was implemented to reduce this type of hazard progressively over a period of years.