Newport Workshops

Newport Workshops is divided into a number of separate areas, with the ARHS Railway Museum, various heritage rail operators, Siemens Rail Services, Alstom, and EDI Rail utilising different zones.

Green is open to the public, orange is with permission of the heritage operators, red is for the 'real' operational railways.

  • A) "West Block" - heritage operators: Steamrail Victoria, 707 Operations, and DERMPAV.
  • B) "Central Block" - Storage, and the Fire Services Museum workshops.
  • C) ARHS Railway Museum.
  • D) Downer EDI Rail and Siemens workshops, the 'modern' Newport Workshops.
  • E) "East Block" - VicTrack stored trams, accident damaged rolling stock, miscellaneous junk. Since 2009 Alstom have a few roads for the commissioning of the XTrapolis trains.
  • F) Tarp Shop area, now a suburban train stabling yard. Also, the Rail Skills Centre is in the middle of it.

The aerial imagery is from Nearmap - click for a full size image.