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All photographs copyright Marcus Wong unless otherwise noted.

Timboon line

April 21, 2022
The Timboon line branched from the Warrnambool line outside Camperdown, and served the towns of Cobden and Timboon. Opened in 1892, it closed in 1986.
The Corio Independent Goods Line is a project to provided dual gauge freight access to the Port of Geelong. Work started in 2008 with the first train running in October the same year.
Runs from the main line outside South Kensington along the west back of the river towards Yarraville

Irrewarra - Cressy Line

November 27, 2018
Remains of the railway that linked Irrewarra on the Warrnambool line with Cressy on the Gheringhap - Maroona line.

Belmont Common Railway

November 29, 2014
A narrow gauge tourist railway operated on the Belmont Common from 1969 to 1976, when it moved to Queenscliff as the Bellarine Peninsula Railway

Cunningham Pier Line

November 17, 2010
Photos of the remains of the Cunningham Pier line, running from Geelong station through the city

Mortlake Line

January 6, 2009
The short Mortlake branch rand north-west from Terang, opening in 1893 and closed in 1978. The reservation remains, but little track and no buildings. Photos from the main line towards the terminus

Alvie Line

January 5, 2009
The Alvie line was a short branch headed north-west from Colac, opened in 1923 and closed in 1954. The majority of the land is in private ownership with only some earthworks remaining today. The photos are ordered from the junction to the terminus

Wensleydale Line

October 31, 2008
The line from Moriac to Wensleydale opened in 1890 and closed in 1948. 'The Saddle Line' by Norm Houghton has a full history of the line.

Geelong Racecourse Line

October 23, 2008
Photos of the remains of the Geelong Racecourse branch, lifted back in 1908

Ballarat - Buninyong Line

September 21, 2008
Photos of the remains for the Ballarat - Buninyong line, closed in the late 1940s except for the bit between Ballarat East and some factories at Eureka. Photos are ordered from Ballarat East though to Buninyong

Cressy - Newtown Line

September 20, 2008
Photos of the remains of the Cressy - Newtown section of the Colac - Ballarat railway. This section was closed in the 1950s. Photos are ordered from Cressy through to Newtown

Forrest Line

June 19, 2008
Branching from the main line at Birregurra, it ran south-east to Deans Marsh, then south-west to Forrest. The photos are from the Birregurra end

Beech Forest Line

June 19, 2008
A narrow gauge branch line from Colac station. A limited number of photos from the first section of the line

Queenscliff Line

August 5, 2007
Former broad gauge line, closed in the 1970s and now from Drysdale to Queenscliff is the narrow gauge Bellarine Peninsula Railway
From Ballarat to Ararat, then all the way to the South Australian border
Regional Rail Link is a 47.5 km long railway line currently under construction through the western suburbs of Melbourne from Southern Cross Station, running through Footscray, Sunshine, Tarneit and meeting the Geelong Line at Manor Junction, west of Werribee.
Photos of other railway related places around Geelong
Photos from the Newport - Sunshine freight line that runs via Brooklyn
Photos from around Ballarat
Photos of what is now part of the Western standard gauge line though Gheringhap, Inverleigh, Cressy then on to Lismore, Maroona and Ararat
Photos of locations on the Geelong line. Albums are ordered by distance from Melbourne.
Photos of the line via North Geelong, Gheringhap, Meredith and Warrenheip
Photos of the disused Fyansford cement works branch
Photos of various special railway events in the Geelong region
A short branch line from near Wendouree station south and then east to the Ballarat Cattle Yards. Now closed, but the track is intact. Photos are ordered from the main line junction headed down the line.
Photos of the suburban line via Altona