Geelong Line

Photos of locations on the Geelong line. Albums are ordered by distance from Melbourne. For more details see Corio.

Southern Cross

April 26, 2022
The photos start back in mid 2005 when construction was still in full swing, and continue until today.
Junction of the lines from North Melbourne to the country and suburban parts of Spencer Street

North Melbourne

March 27, 2022
In 2008-09 the station was rebuilt, with a new concourse being added at the city end

Dynon Road

March 6, 2015
Where the lines from North Melbourne split towards Upfield, Albury, Bendigo and Geelong

Arden Street Sidings

April 25, 2009

South Kensington

September 3, 2022

Maribyrnong River Junction

December 22, 2011
Disused freight line that leaves the main line between South Kensington and Footscray, and runs alongside the Maribyrnong River


August 21, 2022
Footscray station is where the Geelong line branches off from lines to Ballarat, Bendigo, and other north-western lines.
Spotswood once had a number of sidings branching from the station


June 9, 2022
Newport is the junction of the lines to Williamstown and Geelong. A freight line also branches off towards Sunshine.

Melbourne Road, Newport

April 25, 2010

Newport Substation

June 6, 2009
Built as part of the electrification of the suburban network, it was operational until the 1980s, being replaced by a much smaller building alongside. It has been since restored as a community hall

Newport Workshops

February 9, 2022
Former junction for the Altona line, now just a crossover

Maddox Road

May 21, 2017
Built to serve the Mobile Refinery beside the railway at Paisley, the disused siding was reopened as the Metro Infrastructure Sidings for works trains.
Disused station
Former oil siding on the down side of Paisley

TDG Siding

March 19, 2022
Points in the SG main line facing west, for a future siding
Closed station between Paisley and Laverton
Crossing loop on the standard gauge, located between Laverton Station and the site of Galvin.
The Specialised Container Transport deport at Laverton on the standard gauge line
Laverton Junction is where the single track Altona - Westona - Laverton line branches from the main Geelong line.

Princes Freeway, Laverton

November 24, 2016
New station between Aircraft and Hoppers Crossing, to serve the new housing developments in the area.