Gheringhap - Maroona Line

Photos of what is now part of the Western standard gauge line though Gheringhap, Inverleigh, Cressy then on to Lismore, Maroona and Ararat.

Gheringhap - Inverleigh

January 24, 2008
Photos from between Gheringhap and Inverleigh stations


February 22, 2009
Currently just a loop siding, the remains of the passenger platform are evident, as well as a small station building


September 20, 2008
Today a crossing loop on the line, remain of the platform can be seen


September 20, 2008
Once a major station and a junction for lines south to Colac and north to Ballarat, today only a small platform face remains


September 20, 2008
Former station west of Cressy, platform mound visible 50 years after closure


October 16, 2008
Disused station building with a long crossing loop, and a third loop road for grain silos


December 4, 2008
A shed at the station is now privately leased


January 7, 2009
Has a few sheds and some platform remains

Vite Vite

January 8, 2009
Once a station, is now just a crossing loop

Pura Pura

January 8, 2009
Has a station building and some platform rubble

Nerrin Nerrin

January 8, 2009
Has a platform mound


January 8, 2009
Has two sidings, silos, a station building and platform


January 8, 2009
Has a grain shed and a platform mound


January 8, 2009
Has a station building, crossing loop, silo and a siding


January 9, 2009
Junction with the lines to Portland and Ararat, has a station building, and a number of sidings