Off Rail

Photos of other railway related places around Geelong. For more details see Bob White Electrix.
Located in Cowie Street North Geelong, the yard has the nose of B68 on display

Austrack sleeper factory

December 19, 2009
Located in North Shore, it is the home of 4 flat top T classes (T322, T323, T324, T343) used as stationary generators
In 2018 work started on a clinker grinding and cement facility at the Port of Geelong, with imported clinker being unloaded at Lascelles Wharf and moved by conveyor for processing. Containerised cement will then be transported by Qube Logistics from a rail loading facility at North Shore to the existing Dandenong South cement siding.

Carriage at Manor

December 30, 2011
Ex AB class carriage, later converted into a W works sleeper, retired by the 1920s and placed at Newport South, moved to near Manor by the 1970s
Located on a hobby farm. Old Melbourne Road, between Rennie Street and Beach Road:,144.441134&z=20&t=k&nmd=20101028

Lethbridge H class

March 14, 2009
Privately owned ex-Adelaide tram H 363

B van at Little River

April 25, 2009
Ex-VR van B 275, just off You Yangs Road and grounded without underframe, was stencilled for W&W traffic

T van at North Shore

May 23, 2021
Located on a block of land on Station Street, North Shore
Near South Geelong Station there are a collection of various old carriages - collision damaged V/Line BS.203; Overland cars CO.2, "Nankuri" sleeper; various AN guards vans. There is also a large pile of bogies and what appears to be some triple gauge track. BS 203 was transferred to SRHC in 2007, photos of the road movement are here
On Walchs Road between Seabeach Parade and The Esplanade is an unused underpass built by the railways in the 1950s for a rail connection to Lascelles Wharf.
Located at 75-77 Moorabool Street, Geelong