Regional Rail Link

Regional Rail Link is a 47.5 km long railway line currently under construction through the western suburbs of Melbourne from Southern Cross Station, running through Footscray, Sunshine, Tarneit and meeting the Geelong Line at Manor Junction, west of Werribee.
As part of RRL the existing tracks between Southern Cross Station and the North Melbourne flyover are being reconfigured, to give V/Line trains two dedicated dual gauge tracks across Dudley Street. In addition, the new 'Country Bypass' track is being built to provide access to platforms 7 and 8 without using the suburban tracks.
A new track pair is being built to serve the new Southern Cross platforms 15/16, running to the west of the existing suburban tracks. To make way for these, the existing goods lines are being rebuilt further west, requiring an additional double track bridge over Dudley Street.
At North Melbourne the two sets of tracks from Southern Cross will rejoin near Moonee Ponds Creek for the journey towards Footscray. The existing North Melbourne Flyover is being altered as part of these works to allow trains from platforms 1 through 8 to access the RRL route, while the tracks from platform 15/16 are taking over existing goods lines that pass beside North Melbourne station.

Spion Kop Junction

February 2, 2024
Located atop the Moonee Ponds Creek bridge and beneath CityLink, Spion Kop Junction is where the track pairs from Southern Cross platforms 15/16 and 1-8 will meet. Additional tracks from Melbourne Yard goods lines and Kensington will also join here.

South Kensington

February 2, 2024
At South Kensington the RRL tracks will run to the south of the current passenger platforms, with the existing goods lines needing to be relocated.

Maribyrnong River Viaduct

February 2, 2024
A new twin span bridge is being built over the Maribrynong River, located on the south side of the existing pair of bridges. In addition approach viaducts are being constructed at each end of the bridge.

Joseph Road precinct

September 27, 2014
Located between the Maribyrnong River and Footscray station, here the RRL tracks from Melbourne will cross over from the southern to the northern side of the Werribee suburban tracks via a flyover. To make way for the new track and flyover a number of commercial buildings on the south side of the railway cutting need to be demolished.
Hopkins Street crosses the railway line at the up end of Footscray station. To make way for the RRL track pair, a number of commercial buildings on the north-west side of the line are being demolished, along with a block of flats on Byron Street.
To provide two new platforms for RRL, suburban trains for Sydenham will be diverted onto a new pair of platforms to be built in the current car park to the north, with RRL trains taking over the existing platform 1/2.
Built when the freight tracks were added in the 1920s, the Nicholson Street bridge in Footscray has shops on both sides, hiding the actual tracks below from both motorists and pedestrians.
Along Irving Street in Footscray various services relocation works have needed to be carried out
At Albert Street in Footscray the existing road overbridge was been demolished, with the existing four tracks needing to be slewed to the north onto former car park spaces, making room for the new RRL track pair along the south side to avoid existing buildings.
Between Albert Street and Middle Footscray an additional RRL track pair will be the southern track pair. To permit this without the demolition of houes, the existing quadruple tracks will be slewed to the north into the area once occupied by car parking.

Middle Footscray

February 2, 2024
At Middle Footscray station the new RRL track pair will pass to the south of the existing passenger platforms, which will be left as is. The land for the tracks was compulsorily acquired, a number of houses needing to be demolished.
The majority of land bounded by the Footscray-Sunshine railway line, Buckley Street and Victoria Street has been compulsorily acquired by the State Government for the construction of the additional Regional Railway Link track pair past Middle Footscray station.
To make way for the new RRL track pair the existing West Footscray station will be demolished and rebuilt a short distance further west. The tracks beneath the Geelong Road overpass and the Rising Sun footbridge will also be slewed slightly to make room.

Tottenham Station

February 2, 2024
At Tottenham station the RRL track pair will pass to the south of the existing passenger platforms, taking up land currently occupied by the station car park.


November 23, 2023
Sunshine station is where the RRL tracks branch off from the mainline towards Sydenham and Bendigo.
At the Anderson Road level crossing with the Bendigo line, the road is being sunk beneath the railway tracks.
At the Anderson Road level crossing with the Ballarat line, the railway is being sunk beneath the road. Initially two tracks will be provided, but the design will cater for a total of four tracks.
Between Sunshine station and the junction at Deer Park West, no track amplification is taking place - the existing track pair for Ballarat line trains will also carry trains for the Geelong line.


July 1, 2023
Deer Park Junction is where the RRL track pair will diverge from the existing Ballarat line tracks.

Deer Park to Tarneit

October 8, 2023
From Deer Park Junction the RRL tracks run due south until they near Tarneit, where they turn to the west where they reach Tarneit Station

Tarneit Station

March 24, 2024
One of two stations to be built on the RRL route, Tarneit Station is located near the intersection of Derrimut and Leakes Road.

Tarneit to Wyndham Vale

March 25, 2023
Between Tarneit and Wyndham Vale stations are a number of road over rail bridges, as well as a major railway bridge over the Werribee River

Wyndham Vale Stabling Yard

November 20, 2023
A new stabling yard being construction in 2019 north of Wyndham Vale station, to replace the stabling yard at E Gate that is going to be covered by roads as part of the West Gate Tunnel project.

Wyndham Vale Station

November 6, 2023
Wyndham Vale Station is one of two stations to be built on the Regional Rail Link route, and is located in the Manor Lakes estate, near Bulban Road to the north-east of Werribee

Wyndham Vale South

March 25, 2023

Between Wyndham Vale station and Manor Junction is a long cutting through the middle of the Manor Lakes housing estate, a twin-track railway bridge over Lollypop Creek, and a number of road over rail bridges.

Manor Junction

February 2, 2024

Future junction of the new RRL tracks from Sunshine, and the existing mainline between Geelong and Melbourne. During construction it was also known as 'West Werribee Junction'.