Deer Park Junction

Deer Park Junction is where the RRL track pair will diverge from the existing Ballarat line tracks. For more details see Western Freeway.

'More trains for everyone' billboard beside the Deer Park Bypass

Part of the Liberal Government's 'Moving Victoria' advertising campaign

December 28, 2013

The use of concrete retaining walls for the Christies Road extension seems odd

Possibly they didn't have enough room to use the usual soil embankments

December 28, 2013

Upgraded level crossing for the combined Ballarat line and RRL tracks at Robinsons Road

Note there is now a proper pedestrian crossing with automatic gates

December 28, 2013

Junction of the Ballarat line and the RRL tracks west of Robinsons Road

Note that up RRL trains will be able to use both the North and South tracks towards Melbourne

December 28, 2013