South Kensington

At South Kensington the RRL tracks will run to the south of the current passenger platforms, with the existing goods lines needing to be relocated. For more details see South Kensington (junction to suburban and goods lines).

Temporary fencing beside the goods line track pair

The RRL track pair will pass through here, leaving a single tracks for freight

October 27, 2012

Work on the embankment near Kensington Road

The RRL track pair will be built in the foreground, at the same level as the existing four tracks

October 27, 2012

Clearing the route of the RRL track pair from South Kensington to the Maribyrnong River

Just enough room between the existing tracks and the neighbouring warehouse

October 27, 2012

Access track to the South Kensington worksite

Running along the west side of North Dynon yard

October 27, 2012