Southern Cross platforms 1-8 to Dudley Street

As part of RRL the existing tracks between Southern Cross Station and the North Melbourne flyover are being reconfigured, to give V/Line trains two dedicated dual gauge tracks across Dudley Street. In addition, the new 'Country Bypass' track is being built to provide access to platforms 7 and 8 without using the suburban tracks.

Note how close the new bridge gets to Festival Hall!

New twin track bridge for country trains bound for Southern Cross platforms 1 through 8

September 11, 2013

Completed bridge across Dudley Street on the eastern side

Carrying the twin RRL track pair into Southern Cross platform 1 through 8

August 31, 2013

Work on the new two track bridge over Dudley Street

East of suburban tracks, it will carry RRL trains into Southern Cross platform 1 through 8

July 27, 2013