Spion Kop Junction

Located atop the Moonee Ponds Creek bridge and beneath CityLink, Spion Kop Junction is where the track pairs from Southern Cross platforms 15/16 and 1-8 will meet. Additional tracks from Melbourne Yard goods lines and Kensington will also join here. For more details see Spion Kop Junction.

Looking down the line to South Kensington

Two RRL tracks to the right, single goods line to the left

March 5, 2013

Brick retaining walls reinforced with steel braces

Part of the former goods lines into Melbourne Yard. The steel beams on the outside tie back the bricks, the support coming from rods tied back to identical beams on the other side

October 27, 2012

North-western side of the abutment of the new RRL Lloyd Street bridge

The corner has been rebuilt with recycled bricks

October 27, 2012

North-eastern side of the abutment of the new RRL Lloyd Street bridge

Note the gap between the old abutments, and the new bridge

October 27, 2012

New bridge over Lloyd Street

The existing low level bridge for the four suburban tracks is in the foreground. The new high level three track bridge for RRL (and a goods line) is in the background.

October 27, 2012

Tiebacks in the Lloyd Street retaining wall

Soil nailing or something similar is being used to tie the bricks back into the embankment

October 27, 2012

Building new abutments for the future RRL bridge over Lloyd Street

The existing bridge for the goods lines has been removed

October 18, 2012