West Footscray

To make way for the new RRL track pair the existing West Footscray station will be demolished and rebuilt a short distance further west. The tracks beneath the Geelong Road overpass and the Rising Sun footbridge will also be slewed slightly to make room.

Looking west along the future RRL track alignment

Two RRL tracks as well as the down suburban track will run side by side as they pass beneath the new station footbridge

September 28, 2013

New alignment for Buckley Street beneath Geelong Road

Making room for the two new RRL tracks to pass beneath the road bridge

September 28, 2013

Future up platform at the new West Footscray station

Once the existing tracks are removed, the platform edge will be extended outwards, with the up line being slewed onto the down line

September 28, 2013

Northern half of the station footbridge

Crossing the two standard gauge tracks, the broad gauge goods line, and the future up suburban tracks

September 28, 2013