Wyndham Vale to Manor Junction

<p>Between Wyndham Vale station and&nbsp;Manor Junction is a long cutting through the middle of the Manor Lakes housing estate, a twin-track railway bridge over Lollypop Creek, and a number of road over rail bridges.</p>. For more details see Black Forest Road.

Western half of the road over rail bridge at Greens Road

This span will cross over the RRL track pair

September 29, 2013

Looking north from Greens Road towards the Lollypop Creek bridges

RRL track pair uses the left bridge, Armstrong Road will use the right bridge

September 29, 2013

Large culvert beneath the approach embankment for the Greens Road bridge

On the western side of the tracks - every bridge along the route also has one

September 29, 2013

Looking south from Mundara Drive in Wyndham Vale

New housing to the left, RRL tracks to the right, and the Black Forest Road bridge in the background

September 29, 2013