Ordered by locations with events listed.

Name Type Distance Photos Events History
Newport South Junction 12.068 km Photos Event Listings Very Detailed
Williamstown Racecourse Station Photos Detailed
Altona Station 17.148 km Photos Beginning
Altona Junction Junction 13.281 km Photos Beginning
Laverton Junction Junction 21.633 km Photos Basic
Mobiltown Station 13.928 km Basic
Laverton Loop Crossing Loop 21.227 km Photos Basic
Kororoit Creek Road Level Crossing 14.015 km Photos Basic
Westona Station 18.533 km Photos Basic
Altona Beach Station Basic
Altona Coal Company Industry
Seaholme Station 16.127 km Photos
Maddox Road Level Crossing 12.312 km Photos


  • Electric Railways of Victoria - S.E. Doorman and R.G. Henderson
  • Newsrail - September 1988
  • Altona - Laverton Rail Link Environmental Effects Statement - July 1983 (revised September 1983) - GHD Transport Consultants for the Ministry of Transport