The Forrest line was 31 kilometres long, initially running south east from the main line at Birregurra, it ran south-east towards Deans Marsh, then south-west to Forrest.

Opened in 1891 as a development line in the Barwon Valley, and to tap the timber resources of the East Otway Ranges, outwards loading from the line included cream, coal, hay, chaff, fruit and timber.

The Bradshaws Guide circa 1905 listed a mixed train ex-Birregurra running on the line daily. By 1928 this had been reduced to a return train five days a week - Monday through Saturday, except Thursdays.

In 1938 the 'Tiger' passenger service was introduced on the line, replacing the mixed trains that previous carried passengers. Officially known as a 'Passenger Mail Motors' these Dodge motor cars were converted for rail use, and could seat 10 passengers.

In 1952 competition from road transport saw the passenger service withdrawn along with the closure of a number of station, with final closure of the line coming in 1957.


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