Track diagram - 1891

Displays the track layout for the line for a given year. To approximate scale.

134.287 km
Barwon River  
Cape Otway Road  
Rifle Butts Road  
140.400 km Whoorel  
Deans Marsh Creek  
Birregurra - Deans Marsh Road  
145.200 km Deans Marsh  
Pennyroyal Creek  
Bushs Road  
149.600 km Pennyroyal  
Barholme Lane  
Matthews Creek  
Gannons Road  
Middle Murroon Road  
153.700 km Murroon  
Division Road  
James Road  
Birregurra - Forrest Road  
Dewing Creek  
Callahans Lane  
158.900 km Barwon  
Barwon River  
160.500 km Gerangamete  
Birregurra - Forrest Road  
Gap: 3.9km
164.500 km Yaugher  
Yaugher Road  
166.200 km Forrest