Track diagram page 2 - 1856

Displays the track layout for the line for a given year. To approximate scale. The track diagram is split into two: Melbourne - Waurn Ponds and Geelong - Warrnambool. Details before 1900 are rather patchy and from Spencer Street to South Kensington dates of track layouts are a best effort and indicative only. Full detail is not included for locations on the down side of Waurn Ponds

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72.000 km Latrobe Terrace  
Cunningham Pier Junction   [Junction with Cunningham Pier line]
72.382 km
PhotoRoy Street  
72.479 km
PhotoBrougham Street  
72.567 km
Gap: 11km
Waurn Ponds stabling yard  


  • The majority of opening and safeworking dates are via Andrew Waugh.
  • Additional sources used are listed in the Sources section.