Track diagram page 2 - 1954

Displays the track layout for the line for a given year. To approximate scale. The track diagram is split into two: Melbourne - Waurn Ponds and Geelong - Warrnambool. Details before 1900 are rather patchy and from Spencer Street to South Kensington dates of track layouts are a best effort and indicative only. Full detail is not included for locations on the down side of Waurn Ponds

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Maitland Street  
PhotoGeelong Locomotive Depot  
72.000 km Latrobe Terrace  
PhotoGeelong A  
Cunningham Pier Junction   [Junction with Cunningham Pier line]
72.382 km
PhotoRoy Street  
72.479 km
PhotoBrougham Street  
72.567 km
72.682 km Gordon Avenue  
PhotoGeelong B  
72.830 km Little Malop Street  
PhotoGeelong Tunnel  
73.445 km
PhotoMcKillop Street  
73.737 km Kilgour Street  
74.080 km
PhotoMoorabool Street  
74.341 km
PhotoYarra Street  
74.412 km
PhotoSouth Geelong  
74.844 km Swanston Street  
75.721 km
PhotoWood Street  
76.669 km Barwon Terrace  
76.869 km
PhotoGeelong Racecourse  
PhotoBarwon River / Breakwater Road  
PhotoWaurn Ponds Creek  
78.250 km
PhotoWoolscour Lane  
78.805 km
PhotoBarwon Heads Road  
79.436 km Marshalltown Road  
79.600 km
80.526 km
PhotoReserve Road  
81.700 km
PhotoTorquay Road  
Gap: 3.438km
85.138 km
PhotoGhazeepore Road  
86.384 km
PhotoAnglesea Road  
88.678 km Reservoir Road  
PhotoWaurn Ponds stabling yard  
Pettavel Road  
Gap: 3.529km
93.929 km Hunts Road  
96.544 km Mount Moriac Road  
96.700 km
Gap: 7.1km
103.800 km
Gap: 3.82km
107.620 km Buckley School Road  
Princes Highway, Winchelsea  
111.769 km Inverleigh Road  
113.557 km Hesse Street  
113.740 km
114.076 km Cressy Road  
116.199 km Ondit Road  
Gap: 7.501km
123.700 km
Gap: 4.281km
127.981 km Prices Lane  
PhotoPrinces Highway, Birregurra  
130.550 km Hallets Lane  
132.600 km Powers Lane  
134.118 km Roadknight Road  
134.287 km
136.638 km Aireys Reserve Road  
139.900 km
139.906 km
PhotoPrinces Highway, Warncoort  
141.700 km
143.251 km Bourkes Road  
145.886 km Piles Road  
146.519 km Warrowrie Road  
148.170 km Colac Ballarat Road  
149.900 km CRB Siding  
150.311 km Treatment Works Road  
150.900 km Shell Oil Company  
151.404 km   
151.500 km Princes Highway, Colac  
152.102 km Church Street, Colac  
152.895 km Queen Street  
153.395 km
Gelibrand Street  
Corangamite Street  
153.979 km Hart Street  
154.402 km Armstrong Street  
154.825 km Sinclair Street  
155.026 km Cants Road  
155.850 km Deans Creek Road  
155.900 km Alvie Junction   [Junction with Alvie line]
Gap: 5.447km
161.347 km Larpent Road  
Gap: 4.334km
165.681 km Tomahawk Creek Road  
168.332 km
PhotoPirron Yallock  
169.082 km Irrewilippe Road  
Gap: 3.556km
172.638 km Swan Marsh Stoneyford Road  
174.455 km Settlement Road  
Gap: 3.545km
178.262 km Cobden Stoneyford Road  
Gap: 3.738km
182.686 km Kollah Road  
Gap: 11.314km
Princes Highway, Weerite  
198.129 km Camperdown Lismore Road  
198.497 km
198.808 km Church Street, Camperdown  
199.113 km Camperdown Cattle Sidings  
199.323 km Micklejohn Street  
Gap: 3.57km
202.893 km Darlington Road  
Gap: 8.142km
211.035 km
Gap: 7.963km
218.998 km Littles Lane  
219.910 km Terang-Mortlake Road  
220.785 km
222.000 km Mortlake Junction   [Junction with Mortlake line]
222.406 km Terang-Framlingham Road  
Gap: 8.244km
230.650 km Princes Highway, Garvoc  
232.266 km Station Road  
232.723 km Garvoc Laang Road  
234.394 km Sampsons Ford Road  
Gap: 8.294km
242.688 km
244.508 km Naringal Road  
246.820 km Princes Highway, Cudgee  
246.874 km Fearnleys Road  
252.832 km Begley's Road  
255.150 km Ziegler Parade  
256.568 km Tooram Road  
258.691 km Jubilee Park Road  
261.293 km Jubilee Avenue  
261.961 km Mahoneys Road  
Gap: 5.039km
PhotoWarrnambool Pier  
267.301 km


  • The majority of opening and safeworking dates are via Andrew Waugh.
  • Additional sources used are listed in the Sources section.