Ordered by location history detail.

Name Type Distance Photos Events History
Laverton Station 20.917 km Photos Event Listings Essay
South Geelong Station 74.412 km Photos Event Listings Essay
Geelong Station 72.567 km Photos Very Detailed
North Melbourne Station 1.714 km Photos Very Detailed
Colac Station 153.395 km Photos Very Detailed
Footscray Station 5.623 km Photos Event Listings Very Detailed
Harbour Trust Sidings Industry Event Listings Very Detailed
Warrnambool Station 267.301 km Photos Very Detailed
Birregurra Station 134.287 km Photos Very Detailed
Southern Cross Station Photos Very Detailed
Winchelsea Station 113.740 km Photos Very Detailed
North Geelong Yard Yard 69.900 km Photos Very Detailed
Grain Loop Industry Photos Very Detailed
Marshall Station 79.600 km Photos Event Listings Very Detailed
Newport Station 10.555 km Photos Event Listings Very Detailed
Lara Station 57.504 km Photos Event Listings Very Detailed
Irrewarra Station 141.700 km Photos Very Detailed
Newport South Junction Photos Event Listings Very Detailed
Camperdown Station 198.497 km Photos Detailed
Geelong Locomotive Depot Yard Photos Detailed
North Geelong Station 69.981 km Photos Event Listings Detailed
South Kensington Station 3.492 km Photos Detailed
Vacuum Oil Coy Siding Industry 13.358 km Photos Event Listings Detailed
Werribee Station 31.697 km Photos Detailed
Phosphate Sidings Yard Detailed
Warrnambool Pier Industry Photos Detailed
Williams Landing Station Photos Detailed
North Shore Station 67.172 km Photos Event Listings Detailed
Dennington Station 272.002 km Photos Detailed
Boorcan Station 211.035 km Photos Detailed
Moriac Station 96.700 km Photos Detailed
Barwon River / Breakwater Road Road Underbridge Photos Detailed
Waurn Ponds cement siding Industry 88.271 km Photos Detailed
Little River Station 47.561 km Photos Event Listings Detailed
Phosphate Works Industry Photos Detailed
Spotswood Station 9.220 km Photos Event Listings Detailed
Waurn Ponds stabling yard Yard Detailed
Separation Street Bridge Road Overbridge 68.842 km Detailed
Panmure Station 242.688 km Photos Detailed
Westvic Siding Industry 270.015 km Detailed
Palmers Road Road Overbridge 23.000 km Detailed
Geelong A Signal Box Photos Detailed
Princes Highway, Corio Level Crossing 61.940 km Event Listings Detailed
Geelong Racecourse Station 76.869 km Photos Detailed
International Harvester Industry Event Listings Detailed
Grovedale Station 81.800 km Photos Detailed
Midway Siding Industry Photos Detailed
COR Siding Industry 15.365 km Photos Event Listings Detailed
Ford Siding Industry Event Listings Beginning
Shell Refinery Industry 64.209 km Photos Event Listings Beginning
Princes Freeway, Laverton Road Overbridge 20.640 km Beginning
Oriental Timber Company Siding Industry Event Listings Beginning
Angliss's Siding Industry Event Listings Beginning
Corio Station 63.944 km Photos Event Listings Beginning
Elders IXL Siding Industry 61.190 km Photos Event Listings Beginning
Sherwood Park Station 261.387 km Photos Beginning
Allansford Station Photos Beginning
Kororoit Creek Road Level Crossing 15.837 km Photos Event Listings Beginning
Waurn Ponds Station 84.902 km Photos Beginning
Spotswood Pumping Station Industry Beginning
Pirron Yallock Station 168.332 km Photos Beginning
Altona Junction Junction 13.281 km Photos Beginning
Armytage Station 123.700 km Photos Beginning
Maribyrnong River Watercourse 4.220 km Photos Beginning
Essendon Flyover Junction 2.695 km Beginning
Geelong B Signal Box Photos Beginning
AGM Glassworks Industry Beginning
North Geelong A Signal Box Photos Beginning
Geelong Signal Control Centre Signal Box Photos Beginning
Anglesea Road Road Overbridge 86.384 km Photos Event Listings Beginning
Geelong Gas Company Industry 69.975 km Beginning
Terang Station 220.785 km Photos Beginning
Paisley Station 14.079 km Photos Event Listings Beginning
Garvoc Station Photos Beginning
SEC Siding Industry 13.478 km Beginning
Duneed Station 84.500 km Photos Beginning
Werribee Signal Box Photos Beginning
Yarraville Station 7.542 km Photos Event Listings Beginning
Princes Highway, Warncoort Level Crossing 139.906 km Event Listings Beginning
Moorabool Street Level Crossing 74.080 km Photos Event Listings Beginning
Waurn Ponds Creek Watercourse Photos Beginning
Cudgee Station Photos Beginning
Little River Signal Box 47.562 km Beginning
Waurn Ponds holding siding Turnout 86.638 km Photos Beginning
South Geelong Signal Box Photos Beginning
Werribee Racecourse Station 33.720 km Photos Beginning
Williamstown Line Junction Photos Beginning
Distillers Siding Industry 65.300 km Photos Event Listings Beginning
Manor Station 39.600 km Photos Event Listings Beginning
Corio Signal Box Beginning
Aircraft Station 22.226 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Maribyrnong River Junction Junction 4.501 km Photos Basic
Moriac Block Point Block Point 98.000 km Photos Basic
Laverton Junction Junction 20.412 km Photos Basic
North Geelong Junction Junction 69.950 km Photos Basic
Vacuum Oil Coy Industry 70.090 km Basic
North Geelong Junction (Loop Line) Junction 68.430 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Church Street Road Overbridge Basic
Warncoort Station 139.900 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Galvin Station 18.101 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Spotswood Signal Box Photos Basic
Princes Highway, Winchelsea Road Overbridge Event Listings Basic
Brougham Street Road Underbridge 72.479 km Photos Basic
North Geelong B Signal Box Photos Basic
Melbourne Road Road Overbridge 10.682 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Mortlake Junction Junction 222.000 km Basic
Woolscour Lane Level Crossing 78.250 km Photos Basic
Merton Street Road Underbridge 20.416 km Basic
Freezing Works Industry Event Listings Basic
Lara Signal Box Basic
Yarraville A Signal Box Basic
Yarraville B Signal Box Basic
Footscray A Signal Box Basic
Warncoort Loop Crossing Loop 137.884 km Basic
Geelong C Signal Box Photos Basic
Apex Quarries Industry Photos Event Listings Basic
Dynon Road Road Overbridge 1.865 km Photos Basic
Buckley Station 103.800 km Photos Basic
Gordon Avenue Road Underbridge 72.682 km Basic
Laverton Signal Box Event Listings Basic
Geelong Grammar Siding Industry 62.800 km Basic
Alvie Junction Junction 155.900 km Basic
Pettavel Station 90.500 km Photos Basic
Seddon Station 6.618 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Weerite Station Basic
Roy Street Pedestrian Subway 72.382 km Photos Basic
North Melbourne Junction Junction 1.978 km Photos Basic
Geelong Freightgate Industry 69.975 km Basic
Princes Highway, Birregurra Road Overbridge Photos Basic
Forsyth Road Road Overbridge 24.380 km Photos Basic
Latrobe Terrace Road Overbridge 72.000 km Basic
Princes Highway, Colac Road Overbridge 151.500 km Basic
Stoneyford Station Basic
Pomborneit Station Basic
Camperdown Cattle Sidings Industry 199.113 km Basic
British Imperial Oil Company Industry 69.976 km Basic
Princes Highway, Dennington Road Overbridge Basic
Derrimut Road Road Underbridge 29.780 km Photos Basic
Manor Junction Junction Photos Basic
Aircraft Siding Industry 23.331 km Photos Basic
Footscray B Signal Box Basic
Geelong Tunnel Tunnel Photos Basic
Newport Freezing Works Industry Basic
Breakwater Station 77.700 km Basic
Little Malop Street Footbridge 72.830 km Basic
Hoppers Crossing Station 27.665 km Photos Basic
Hatherley Station 13.677 km Basic
Princes Highway, Cudgee Road Overbridge 246.820 km Event Listings Basic
Cowies Creek Watercourse 68.097 km Basic
Australian Carbon Black Siding Industry 15.208 km Event Listings Basic
Marshall Signal Box Basic
Peak School Road Level Crossing 51.722 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Morris Road Level Crossing 27.784 km Event Listings Basic
Power Station and Oil Lines Junction 9.230 km Photos Basic
Princes Highway, Allansford Road Overbridge Basic
Baanip Boulevard Road Overbridge Photos Basic
COR Platform Station 15.688 km Event Listings Basic
Reservoir Road Level Crossing 88.678 km Event Listings Basic
Colac Ballarat Road Level Crossing 148.170 km Event Listings Basic
Maitland Street Level Crossing Basic
C.O.R. Siding Industry 70.095 km Basic
Drome Crossing Loop 25.200 km Basic
Rock Crossing Loop 16.895 km Event Listings Basic
Mambourin Station 41.037 km Basic
Princes Highway, Weerite Road Overbridge Event Listings Basic
Seddon Signal Box Photos Basic
Cherry Swamp Road Level Crossing 49.606 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Manor Signal Box Basic
Begley's Road Level Crossing 252.832 km Event Listings Basic
Stony Creek Watercourse 8.238 km Basic
O'Connell Street Footbridge Basic
Franklin Street Signal Box Photos Basic
Church Street, Camperdown Level Crossing 198.808 km Event Listings Basic
Kororoit Creek Watercourse 15.267 km Basic
Mahoneys Road Level Crossing 261.961 km Event Listings Basic
Queen Street Level Crossing 152.895 km Event Listings Basic
Ziegler Parade Level Crossing 255.150 km Event Listings Basic
Old Princes Highway, Dennington Level Crossing 271.794 km Event Listings Basic
Treatment Works Road Level Crossing 150.311 km Event Listings Basic
Werribee Street Level Crossing 32.382 km Event Listings Basic
Church Street, Colac Level Crossing 152.102 km Event Listings Basic
Edgar Road Level Crossing 47.375 km Event Listings Basic
Plains Road Level Crossing 53.842 km Photos
Windermere Road Level Crossing 55.910 km Photos Event Listings Basic
McClelland Road Level Crossing 57.697 km Event Listings Basic
Canterbury Road Level Crossing 59.275 km Event Listings Basic
Grammar School Road Level Crossing 63.513 km Event Listings Basic
St Georges Road Level Crossing 65.528 km Event Listings Basic
North Shore Road Level Crossing 67.235 km Event Listings Basic
Briquette Siding Industry 269.000 km
Jubilee Park Road Level Crossing 258.691 km Event Listings Basic
Champion Road Level Crossing 11.748 km Event Listings Basic
Tooram Road Level Crossing 256.568 km Event Listings Basic
Aviation Road Level Crossing 22.064 km Event Listings Basic
Garvoc Laang Road Level Crossing 232.723 km Event Listings Basic
Cherry Street Level Crossing 31.456 km Event Listings Basic
Terang-Framlingham Road Level Crossing 222.406 km Event Listings Basic
Millers Road Road Overbridge 14.327 km Event Listings Basic
Littles Lane Level Crossing 218.998 km Event Listings Basic
Darlington Road Level Crossing 202.893 km Event Listings Basic
Micklejohn Street Level Crossing 199.323 km Event Listings Basic
Camperdown Lismore Road Level Crossing 198.129 km Event Listings Basic
Kollah Road Level Crossing 182.686 km Event Listings Basic
Cobden Stoneyford Road Level Crossing 178.262 km Event Listings Basic
Tomahawk Creek Road Level Crossing 165.681 km Event Listings Basic
Deans Creek Road Level Crossing 155.850 km Event Listings Basic
Princes Highway, Garvoc Road Overbridge 230.650 km Event Listings Basic
Naringal Road Level Crossing 244.508 km Event Listings Basic
McKillop Street Level Crossing 73.445 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Kilgour Street Level Crossing 73.737 km Event Listings Basic
Yarra Street Level Crossing 74.341 km Event Listings Basic
Swanston Street Level Crossing 74.844 km Event Listings Basic
Wood Street Level Crossing 75.721 km Event Listings Basic
Barwon Terrace Level Crossing 76.669 km Event Listings Basic
Barwon Heads Road Level Crossing 78.805 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Reserve Road Level Crossing 80.526 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Torquay Road Level Crossing 81.700 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Ghazeepore Road Level Crossing 85.138 km Photos Event Listings Basic
Cunningham Pier Junction Junction
Brooklyn Line Junction 10.479 km
Queenscliff Junction Junction Event Listings Basic
CRB Siding Industry 149.900 km
Shell Oil Company Industry 150.900 km
Warrowrie Road Level Crossing 146.519 km Event Listings Basic
Hart Street Level Crossing 153.979 km Event Listings Basic
Armstrong Street Level Crossing 154.402 km Event Listings Basic
Cants Road Level Crossing 155.026 km Event Listings Basic
Maddox Road Level Crossing 12.312 km Photos
Maidstone Street Level Crossing 17.729 km Event Listings Basic
Mount Moriac Road Level Crossing 96.544 km Event Listings Basic
Buckley School Road Level Crossing 107.620 km Event Listings Basic
Inverleigh Road Level Crossing 111.769 km Event Listings Basic
Hesse Street Level Crossing 113.557 km Event Listings Basic
Cressy Road Level Crossing 114.076 km Event Listings Basic
Napier Street Road Underbridge 5.922 km Event Listings Basic


  • The majority of opening and safeworking dates are via Andrew Waugh.
  • Additional sources used are listed in the Sources section.