Safeworking diagram - 1876

Displays both the number of tracks and the safeworking system in use for a given year. Pre 1900 details are rather fuzzy. From South Geelong down the line the majority of details are fuzzy as well.

1856 1857 1876 1911 1914 1928 1959 1970 1981 Reset View
69.950 km North Geelong Junction
72.567 km Geelong
272.002 km Dennington


Staff and Ticket Automatic & Track Control Double Line Block
Large Electric Staff Centralised Train Control Track Block
Miniature Electric Staff Section Authority Working Yard Limits
Composite Electric Staff Train Order Working Tablet Working
What do they mean?


  • The majority of opening and safeworking dates are via Andrew Waugh.
  • Additional sources used are listed in the Sources section.