Track diagram - 1880

Displays the track layout for the line for a given year. To approximate scale.

1879 1880 1881 1909 1959 1962 1976 Reset View
75.750 km Queenscliff Junction   [Junction with Geelong and Warrnambool line]
76.000 km Breakwater Road  
76.200 km St Albans Road  
76.600 km Boundary Road, East Geelong  
77.500 km Wilsons Road  
78.100 km Coppards Road  
78.450 km Queenscliff Road  
80.000 km Moolap Station Road  
Gap: 3.8km
83.800 km Melaluka Road  
84.200 km Kensington Road, Leopold  
84.500 km Kensington Hill  
84.800 km Christies Road  
87.800 km Bawtree Road  
88.600 km Portarlington Road  
Gap: 3.5km
92.100 km Jetty Road  
92.300 km High Street, Drysdale  
92.535 km Drysdale  
92.700 km Bridge Street, Drysdale  
92.950 km Princess Street  
93.400 km Andersons Road  
Gap: 3.75km
97.150 km   
98.000 km Swan Bay Road  
Banks Road  
Portarlington Road (New)  
Portarlington Road (Old)  
Fellows Road  
Gap: 4.228km
108.628 km Queenscliff  
Bridge Street, Queenscliff  


  • I would like to thank Kathleen and Paul Kenny for giving me permission to use data from their book: "Trains, Troops, and Tourists - The South Geelong ~ Drysdale ~ Queenscliff Railway"

  • Additional sources used are listed in the Sources section.