Track diagram - 2014

Displays the track layout for the line for a given year. To approximate scale.

2014 2015 Reset View
0.001 km
PhotoSouthern Cross  
PhotoSpion Kop Junction  
3.000 km
PhotoSouth Kensington (junction to suburban and goods lines)  
PhotoWerribee Line / RRL Flyover  
Gap: 4.02km
8.520 km Tottenham Yard access crossing  
Sunshine (junction to suburban tracks)  
Sunshine (junction to goods lines)  
12.254 km
Sunshine (junction to Bendigo line)  
PhotoAnderson Road  
13.311 km Sydney Street  
13.574 km Adelaide Street  
PhotoKororoit Creek  
14.124 km Young Street  
14.434 km Tower Street  
15.051 km Ardeer Station access  
15.590 km West Street  
15.590 km
16.002 km Fitzgerald Road  
17.646 km Station Road  
17.825 km Deer Park  
17.938 km Deer Park station access  
19.306 km
PhotoRobinsons Road  
19.350 km
PhotoDeer Park Junction