Albert Batty Scrapmetal

Albert Batty Scrapmetal
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Albert Batty Scrapmetal is a scrap metal dealer in Cowie Street, North Geelong. To the south west is the Geelong - Ballarat line.

The scrap yard is home of the nose of B class locomotive B68. The nose was placed there at an unknown date after the locomotive was scrapped, still in the orange 'Teacup' livery it had worn in service. It remained in this state for a number of years, the windscreens and number lights decaying over the years. However in 2008 it was repainted - first into a plain yellow undercoat in February, then into Victorian Railways blue and gold sometime in April, but with 'IMR' instead of 'VR" inside the nose herald, and with B31 in the number lamps. The IMR stands for 'Independent Metal Recyclers', with the 31 believed to the the street address of the yard.


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B68 in faded Vicrail teacup

January 18, 2008