Altona Beach Station

Line: Altona
Opened: November 9, 1888
Closed: November 17, 1917

Altona Beach was the original terminus of the Altona line, built by private interests for land development purposes. Located a kilometre west of the current Altona station, services commenced in 1888, and ended 2 years later. In 1917 services recommenced by the VR on behalf of a new land owner. A new terminus was built at what is now Altona station.


November 9, 1888 Opened
November 17, 1917 Closed
Line Opened
November 9, 1888 Line opened Williamstown Racecourse to Altona Beach
November 17, 1917 Line opened Altona Beach to Altona
November 9, 1888 Staff and Ticket provided Williamstown Racecourse - Altona Beach