Alvie Ballast Siding

Line: Alvie
Distance from Melbourne: 167.070 km
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Opened: August 18, 1925
Closed: January 17, 1950

Alvie Ballast Siding opened in 1925 for the loading of scoria quarried from the side of a volcanic cone at Lake Coragulac. Two temporary sidings was previously been located nearby during construction of the line, operating in 1923 and 1924 respectively.

The dead end siding was 280 metres long and running to the quarry face itself. The points faced Colac, with empty trains running to Alvie to run around, then returning. The scoria was used for railway ballast, with the quarry being opened as required every two or three years, and loaded onto trains.

By the 1930s the scoria was moved by a contractor by road to Alvie or Coragulac sidings, to avoid the need for a locomotive to idle while the train was being located. The last use of the siding was in 1939, but it was not formally abolished until 1950. The quarry was sold to the Colac Shire Council.


August 18, 1925 Opened
January 17, 1950 Closed
Line Opened
June 21, 1923 Line opened Colac to Alvie
Line Closed
December 17, 1954 Line closed Alvie Junction to Alvie



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 Alvie Ballast Siding on opening