Alvie Station

Line: Alvie
Distance from Melbourne: 169.160 km
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Opened: June 21, 1923
Closed: December 17, 1954

Alvie station had a passenger platform, run around loop, goods loop, and small goods platform. The facing points ere protected by staff locks, and a home signal protected the approach.

The line was worked from Colac on a same day return basis so no coal and water supplies were provided. No turntable was provided, so locomotives had to operate tender first in one direction.

In 1927 local farmers funding the provision of ramps to assist in the loading of bagged potatoes and onions, due to the difficultly in using the goods platform provided by the Victorian Railways. A sheep loading ramp was also added during the same period. The run around loop was abolished on 24 June 1941 to free up rail for the war effort.


June 21, 1923 Opened
December 17, 1954 Closed
Line Opened
June 21, 1923 Line opened Colac to Alvie
June 21, 1923 Staff and Ticket provided Colac - Alvie
Line Closed
December 17, 1954 Line closed Alvie Junction to Alvie



NOTE: Diagrams are not to scale.

 Alvie on opening


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