Bob White Electrix

Bob White Electrix

Bob White Electrix is an engineering workshop located in St Georges Road, North Shore, and just visible from the Geelong line. They carry out work on rotating electrical equipment such as generators and motors.

Their main claim to railway fame is being the home of four flat top T class locomotives, numbered T322, 323, 324 and 343. They were acquired from V/Line on their retirement from active service, and used as stationary DC generators, initially for a navy submarine contract. It is believed they were purchased from V/Line for $2500 each.

On Thursday May 18, 1987 the four locomotives were hauled to North Geelong Yard by an unknown S class, with a VFLX wagon between each locomotive. They remained here until Saturday May 20 when they were moved to the International Harvester siding at North Shore. On Wednesday July 1 T322 was lifted off its bogies and transferred by road on a low loader, two weeks later on Wednesday July 15 T323 and T224 were moved, and then the following day T343 was moved.

The locomotives are intact except for the bogies, and are placed on large concrete blocks in the open. They are lined up side by side wither their cabs facing west, and are ordered (left to right) 343, 324, 323 and 322. The locomotives retained their VR blue and gold livery until repainted in recent years into plain blue.


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