Boorcan Station

Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 211.035 km
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Opened: April 23, 1887
Closed: ((October 5, 1982))

Boorcan was located to the east of the road of the same name. The 1929 track chart of the line showed the platform on the north (up) side of the line, with a three road and goods platform. A short dead end extension was located at the down end for Bonlac Foods. Used as a briquette depot, there was a large briquette dump at the end of the dead end siding.

The station building was a standard 'Type A' VR portable, with an office beside a combined ladies / general waiting room, with a lamp room and van goods shed also on the platform, and a toilet located behind. The station building had a veranda on the south and west faces.

The station was made an Electric Staff station a number of times, initially made one in September 1912, closed in November 1912, reopened in January 1914, closed again in June 1914, opened January 1915, then closed in July 1915. The section was Camperdown (or Timboon Junction when switched in) - Boorcan - Terang. Up and down home signals were provided as well as plunger locks on each set of main line points.

The staff station was made permanent in May 1920, a station master being appointed in July 1920. Large Electric Staff was replaced by Miniature ES in 1929. In August 1954 it was disestablished as Electric Staff station, becoming an Intermediate Composite Staff block point. The Briquette siding was added in August 1951 for Tru Food Australia.

On August 28, 1968 the home signals and plunger locks were removed, with staff locks provided to the siding. From December 1981 the station was no-one in charge. Only the station office remained, on a shortened platform. In the yard the loading ramp had also been removed.

Boorcan station was one of five on the line closed to passenger traffic as part of the 'New Deal' of 1981. In 1987 the staff locks on the main line points were changed from miniature to large type, and in 1988 it was signed an intermediate location in the section.

The platform mound and loop sidings remain today, but unused and disconnected. The goods shed and yard is now leased by 'Wheelie Waste', a local rubbish contractor. The station building has also been relocated, to the Terang Museum, located on the grounds of the Terang College primary campus.


April 23, 1887 Opened
((October 5, 1982)) Closed
Line Opened
April 23, 1887 Line opened Camperdown to Terang
May 30, 1929 Miniature Electric Staff provided Camperdown - Boorcan - Terang
(August 17, 1954) Boorcan opened. Composite Electric Staff section now Camperdown - Boorcan - Terang



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Future up signal on the loop road at Boorcan

Located immediately inside the crossing loop - an odd position

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