Breakwater Road

Road Overbridge
Line: Geelong and Warrnambool

In 2010-2012 a Breakwater Road between Belmont and Breakwater was realigned as part of a $63 million project that constructed 1.3km of new road, including a 635 metre long bridge, replacing the previous river crossing that regularly flooded, and was subject to a 3.7 metres height limit.

Running due west from from Fellmongers Road, the bridge crossing over the top of the railway line, then crossing the Barwon River and adjacent parklands, before dropping back to ground level to reconnect to Breakwater Road near Barwon Roads Road.

VicRoads awarded the contract to McConnell Dowell in August 2010 with preliminary clearance works commenced in November 2010, by 2011 demolition of houses had commenced, along with the first piling works for the new bridges. It opened to traffic in mid-2012.

The 654 metre long main bridge is 14 metres wide, and is made up of 7 x 27m spans, 12 x 33m spans including one span over railway tracks plus a 60m span over Barwon River consisting of 10m cantilevered insitu piers and a 40m precast beam.

During the course of the works, the existing Breakwater Road was closed 4 times as a result of trucks colliding with the rail bridge over the road. The new bridge spans both the river and the rail line eliminating any height restrictions, and is 12 metres higher than the existing bridge over the river to cater for a one in 20 year flood.


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