Brougham Street

Road Underbridge
Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 72.479 km
Track Diagram: View

The Brougham Street subway runs for 50 metres connecting Mercer Street and Latrobe Terrace. It consists of two sections with an opening between them, one running under the main lines at Geelong station, as well as the carriage yard, the second running under the former goods yards. The tunnel is of brick construction. The subway is two lanes wide, with a row of columns down the centre, and a narrow footpath down each side. Stairwells down to the footpath are provided headed north to Brougham Street at Mercer Street, south to platform 1, and south to the main carpark. There was also once a stairwell to the island platforms 2 and 3, now removed.


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Crossing Brougham Street

February 27, 2006