Camperdown Station

Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 198.497 km
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Opened: July 2, 1883

Camperdown was once the junction for the Timboon line, that branched off at Timboon Junction, located some distance from the down end of the station, with the points facing Melbourne.

In September 1899 Large Electric Staff replaced Train Staff and Ticket on the line towards Warrnambool, in October the same year it was also provided to Colac.

A divided staff was provided for Curdies River Junction (later known as Timboon Junction in September 1903. In April 1907 a Master Key was instead provided for the junction, in May it was changed for 3 portion divided staff: the sections being Camperdown - Timboon Junction, Timboon Junction - Terang, and the key for the lever frame at the junction.

Composite Electric Staff was provided in the up direction, to allow the opening of Pomborneit and Weerite. Miniature replaced Large Electric Staff in the up direction in 1928, and in the down direction in 1929.

A siding was added at the down end of the yard for the Vacuum Oil Company (later Mobil) in August 1926, the points being Annett locked. The turntable at the station was removed in 1969, in 1974 the up and down home signals were replaced, when flashing lights were provided at Cressy Road and Church Street. By 1978/79 the station had two rail served fuel depots still in use. Mobil and Sleigh both had sidings on railway land but the tanks on private land. That year they received 261 and 148 tonnes respectively.

The pig dock was removed from the yard in August 1978. The Camperdown Cattle Sidings were located on the down side of the yard on the outskirts of town, and stayed open for a number of years longer.

In September 1988 number 2 and 4 roads were abolished, with number 3, 5 and 6 roads renamed number 2, 3 and 4 respectively. Both oil sidings were also removed, along with the loco roads and works sidings. Number 3 road followed in December 1991.

In December 1987 Train Staff and Ticket was temporarily introduced in both directions from Camperdown. It was replaced by Train Order Working in November 1988, Camperdown being a crossing station, needing to be attended for all trains. From January 1989 it could be unattended if trains were not crossing there. In June 1993 it was closed as a crossing station, but has since been reopened.

Today the facilities at the station include a three road yard, and four LED colour light home signals, for up and down arrivals and departures. The main line is slewed to the south to run alongside the platform, with room for another road between it and number two road, which is used for crossing trains, Number three road is located some distance further across, with the gap between them sometimes used for ballast stockpiles.

The crossing loop is regularly used for freight trains bound for Warrnambool crossing passenger trains, but no regular passenger trains cross other passenger trains here. In 2009 Camperdown is the only remaining crossing loop between Marshall and Warrnambool (!).


July 2, 1883 Opened
Line Opened
July 2, 1883 Line opened Colac to Camperdown
April 23, 1887 Line opened Camperdown to Terang
(January 24, 1928) Weerite opened in Composite Electric Staff section Pomborneit - Camperdown
September 20, 1928 Miniature Electric Staff provided Pomborneit - Camperdown
May 30, 1929 Miniature Electric Staff provided Camperdown - Boorcan
(August 17, 1954) Boorcan opened in Composite Electric Staff section Camperdown - Terang
June 15, 1967 Pomborneit closed. Miniature Electric Staff section now Colac - Camperdown
November 21, 1985 Pirron Yallock closed. Miniature Electric Staff section now Colac - Camperdown
December 2, 1987 Staff and Ticket provided Colac - Camperdown - Warrnambool
(November 13, 1988) Train Order Working provided Colac - Camperdown - Terang
February 22, 2009 Winchelsea closed. Train Order Working section now Marshall - Camperdown
February 22, 2009 Moriac Block Point opened. Train Order Working section now Moriac Block Point - Camperdown
April 17, 2014 Warncoort Loop opened. Train Order Working section now Warncoort Loop - Camperdown



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