Distillers Siding

Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 65.300 km
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Opened: February 14, 1928
Closed: ((February 21, 1987))

This siding was opened to serve the Corio Distillery. The distillery itself opened on March 21 1929, where a special train was provided from Melbourne for the invited guests. The opening was carried out by Mr William H. Ross, chairman of the parent company 'The Distillers Company Limited' of Scotland. The distillery produced both grain and malt whiskeys, as well as gin. The distillery was famous for their 'Corio 5-Star Whisky' that won first prize at the 1956 Sydney Royal Easter Show. By 1989 the distillery had closed, replaced by the offices of local radio station BAY-FM. Today the distillery buildings are used by Cheetham's Salt, a rather pleasent turn of events from a railway perspective...


November 28, 1927 Points at Up end provided
December 19, 1927 Points at Down end provided
February 14, 1928 Opened for traffic
November 7, 1978 Down end points spiked normal
February 21, 1987 Siding abolished and points removed
((February 21, 1987)) Closed
Line Opened
November 1, 1856 Line opened Lara to Geelong
June 25, 1857 Line officially opened between Geelong and at temporary terminus at Greenwich. A ferry was used the complete the journey to Melbourne
October 3, 1857 Temporary Greenwich terminal and stub line closed. Geelong line now connected to the partially completed Williamstown line. A ferry complete the journey from Williamstown to Melbourne
January 17, 1859 Williamstown line finally completed to Melbourne. Geelong trains can now operate direct to Spencer Street Station
Track Amplified
February 8, 1959 Line duplicated Corio to North Geelong A



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Main gate to the distillery

November 8, 2009