Drysdale Station

Line: Queenscliff
Distance from Melbourne: 92.535 km
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Opened: May 21, 1879
Closed: November 6, 1976

Opened with the line, Drysdale station served the town itself as well as Clifton Springs. It was the main intermediate station on the Queenscliff line.

Much of the early passenger traffic was generated by the Clifton Springs Health Spa Resort. The opening of the railway killed off the majority of the shipping trade to Drysdale. In it's later days agricultural produce was the main outbound traffic.


May 21, 1879 Opened
May 5, 1928 'Better Farming Train' visited Drysdale with K107
January 1, 1948 Small goods shed removed (this year)
November 30, 1953 Station Master removed and replaced by Station Agent
January 1, 1955 Main goods shed, crane, and stock race removed (this year)
February 22, 1961 Signals removed, plunger locks replaced by staff locks
January 1, 1964 Platform shortened, dock siding removed, number 2 road removed, goods platform removed
November 3, 1970 Number 4 road removed
January 1, 1972 Station building removed and sold to private owner (this year)
November 6, 1976 Closed
Line Opened
May 21, 1879 Line opened Queenscliff Junction to Queenscliff
August 5, 1901 Queenscliff Junction closed. Staff and Ticket section now South Geelong - Drysdale
July 21, 1913 Large Electric Staff provided South Geelong - Drysdale
July 17, 1916 Miniature Electric Staff provided South Geelong - Drysdale
February 18, 1930 Composite Electric Staff provided Leopold - Drysdale
June 8, 1931 Staff and Ticket provided South Geelong - Drysdale - Queenscliff
Line Closed
November 6, 1976 Line closed Cheetham's Siding to Queenscliff



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