Fyansford Line Junction

Line: Fyansford
Distance from Melbourne: 70.900 km
Track Diagram: View
Opened: September 9, 1918

The junction for the Fyansford line was located in the middle of North Geelong Yard on the line between North Geelong B and C signal boxes, facing in the down direction towards Geelong.

When opened the branch met the main line near North Geelong C, running parallel to it for some distance southwards, where Sidings 'C" were located, eventually connecting to the main line near North Geelong B.

This arrangement remained until 1967 when an additional connection was added from the branch to the Through Siding on the eastern side of the Geelong - Ballarat main line, crossing it via a diamond crossing. A two lever ground frame was provided to work the points at either end, secured by switch lock a released by the Electric Staff for the section.

By 1999 the crossover of the main line was removed, by 2003 a new connection in the opposite direction was made from the sidings towards North Geelong C.


September 9, 1918 Opened
Line Opened
September 9, 1918 Line opened Fyansford Line Junction to Fyansford
September 9, 1918 Staff and Ticket provided Fyansford Line Junction - Fyansford



NOTE: Diagrams are not to scale.

 Fyansford Line Junction on opening