Geelong Racecourse Station

Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 76.869 km
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Opened: 1911
Closed: March 2011

Geelong Racecourse is a station where normal services do not stop, only race specials for the place of the same name. It has a single earthen platform to the east of the main line, located on a loop siding with hand operated points.

The present Geelong Racecourse and Showgrounds were opened in 1907, with the Showgrounds relocated from East Geelong, and the Racecourse from Marshaltown, where the Geelong Racecourse branch line ran from Marshall station.

The railway platform was opened on January 1, 1911 and was initially took the name Geelong Showgrounds, after the platform on the Queenscliff line. The platform was extended by 250 ft shortly after 1913, and was renamed Geelong Racecourse on May 3, 1915. From 1918 the station could switch in to the South Geelong - Moriac Electric Staff section. The 1929 track chart of the line showed the platform on a loop siding off the main line, as well as two dead end sidings at the down end, these were removed by 1942. The electric staff facilities were removed in 1956, the up and down home signals were abolished in June 1962.

In recently years it was only used for the Geelong Cup, but has not been used since the 2005 event. There was once a V/Line orange station sign and a small safeworking hut, which had burnt down by 2008. The station sign was removed and placed with the ARHS Railway Museum at North Williamstown. The points were spiked for the mainline in 2005, which prevented any trains from accessing the platform. In February 2011 the loop siding was disconnected from the main line in conjunction with resleepering of the main line.


1911 Opened
March 2011 Closed
Line Opened
November 25, 1876 Line opened Geelong to Winchelsea
(January 14, 1918) Geelong Racecourse opened. Large Electric Staff section now South Geelong - Geelong Racecourse - Moriac
September 18, 1928 Miniature Electric Staff provided South Geelong - Geelong Racecourse - Moriac



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 Geelong Racecourse on opening



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Overview of the station from the up end

From the Geelong end

April 22, 2007

The shed yet again

December 1, 2005

Overview of the station from the down end

From the Marshall end

December 1, 2005