Geelong Showgrounds Station

Line: Queenscliff
Distance from Melbourne: 75.900 km
Track Diagram: View
Opened: October 22, 1891
Closed: October 30, 1907

The Geelong and Western District Agricultural and Horticultural Society was founded in February 1855, and the first Geelong Show was held at the Immigration Depot in East Geelong in October 1855. In 1857 it was moved to the Society's own grounds at the corner of Ryrie and Garden Streets, opposite the Botanical Gardens, and was 10 acres in size. On December 19, 1890 an act was passed granting the society a 30 acre site on East Geelong, beside the Queenscliff line.

A siding was provided on the line, located at the 47.5 mile post just to the east of the St Albans Road level crossing, being first used on October 22, 1891. A platform was also provided, of simple earthen construction with wooden edging. A small ticket box was provided next to the entrance to the showgrounds, until burnt down on August 2, 1905. The first show at the new grounds was held on Thursday October 22, 1891. No ceremony was held for the opening of the platform, but 1500 people used train running from Geelong and South Geelong stations, running at 12.30pm, 1.05pm, 1.30px, 1.45pm and 2.15pm. The regular train from Queenscliff also stopped at the platform. Fares for the local trip was 6d return, the same as the parallel bus.

The success of the train to the show saw the Geelong Advertiser write that it would be a short time until "a station for regular traffic will be erected here and suburban train will run" but the platform was never opened as a 'normal' station.

In 1905 moves were made to relocate the Geelong Racecourse from Marshaltown, where the Geelong Racecourse branch line ran from Marshall station, to a more inner city site. It was decided to relocated both the racecourse and showgrounds to a new site, where they remain today. The last show was held at the old site on Thursday September 13 and Friday September 14, 1906. Special trains were run to the platform. The grandstand from the old site was moved to the new showgrounds on Sunday April 14, 1907. A traction engine was used to drag it, with a crossing of the Queenscliff line required.

The new (and present) Geelong Racecourse and Showgrounds saw the first event in the Geelong Show of October 30/31, 1907. The old Showgrounds platform remained in use, with it being used for the unloading of exhibits for the 1907 show, and then for special train serving a race meeting on Saturday February 6, 1909. On January 28, 1911 a new platform was opened on the main line to Colac, today known as Geelong Racecourse, and it assumed Geelong Showgrounds was closed.


October 22, 1891 Opened
October 30, 1907 Closed
Line Opened
May 21, 1879 Line opened Queenscliff Junction to Queenscliff
Line Closed
January 1, 1978 Line closed South Geelong to Cheetham's Siding