Gravels Limited Siding

Line: Wensleydale
Distance from Melbourne: 108.993 km
Track Diagram: View
Opened: October 19, 1926
Closed: March 6, 1941

This siding served Gravels Limited's gravel pit. A dead end siding was provided, the staff locked points facing Moriac. Once inside private property the loop siding began and stretched in a westerly direction for 775 feet (236.22 metres), before continuing as a single dead end track for a further 375 feet (114.3 metres).

The dead end was a "loose road" that could be slewed as required by the company for the loading of gravel inside the gravel pit, with locomotives not being permitted onto the track. Empty rail trucks were delivered by the VR to the south loop road, and full ones retrieved from the north road.

The junction was located on the 1 in 66 grade towards Wensleydale, so locomotives would run around the inward empty trucks at Gherang, push them to the siding, then draw the loaded trucks back to Gherang, where they would be left until the train returned from Wensleydale.


October 19, 1926 Opened
March 1, 1930 Closed
April 1940 Reopened
March 6, 1941 Closed
1947 Rails lifted
Line Opened
March 17, 1890 Line opened Moriac to Wensleydale
Line Closed
October 12, 1948 Line closed Moriac to Wensleydale



NOTE: Diagrams are not to scale.

 Gravels Limited Siding on opening