Grovedale Station

Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 81.800 km
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Opened: ((November 25, 1876))
Closed: 1954

Grovedale station opened as 'Germantown' after the suburb it was located in, being renamed in February 1916 along with the suburb. The change was made to the suburb at the start of World War I due to the German connection, the original name given due to the large number of German settlers.

When the railway line was opened one house had to be moved to make way for it. Up and down home signals were removed from the station in March 1900. The station opened on the east side of the Torquay Road (Surfcoast Highway) level crossing, but in 1913 was moved 5 chains in the down direction to 50 miles 64 chains 87 links, to the west side of the crossing with a platform on the south side of the tracks. The station also served as the local post office.

Crossing gates were provided at Torquay Road, the gates being locked across the road at midnight and it was necessary to get the station master out of bed to get them opened. In May 1939 up and down home signals were provided at the crossing, worked by the gatekeeper. When flashing lights replaced the hand gates in August 1945 the signals were abolished. The Weekly Notice says that the station closed to all traffic in December 1952, another source puts it as 1954.

The track at the down end of the station was realigned to the south in the early 1960s, to ease the grade in the section. Opened in June 1961, the line from 50 miles 70 chains to 51 miles 55 chains was moved. The former alignment remained for a number of years, but by the late 1990s housing has covered the area, except for the narrow reservation for the pipeline that parallels the railway that was not moved.


((November 25, 1876)) Opened
1954 Closed
Line Opened
November 25, 1876 Line opened Geelong to Winchelsea
December 12, 1922 Composite Electric Staff provided South Geelong - Grovedale - Moriac



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Grovedale - pine trees

April 27, 2007