Kororoit Creek Road

Level Crossing
Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 15.837 km
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The road either side of this level crossing is a four lane dual carriageway except for a kilometre long section over the railway and the creek, which is only two lanes. The State Government announced in 2008 that it would duplicate the section, with a second bridge over the creek and a road overpass to be provided over the railway, at a cost of $48.5 million.

Soil testing commenced at the level crossing in early 2009, with an overhead stanchion relocated in November 2009 to make room for the new bridge. Overhead power lines were also relocated, but it was not until March 2010 that work actually commenced. By April work had started on the new bridge over Kororoit Creek and on the additional carriageway, but by June work had yet to start at the level crossing.

The rail overpass has been constructed in two parts like the Somerton Road project: a new bridge built alongside the crossing, traffic switched onto it, the level crossing removed, and the second bridge built then opened to traffic.

The first bridge was opened on March 17, 2011 with all traffic being directed onto the new westbound carriageway, with the level crossing closed to allow the eastbound bridge to be built. The eastbound bridge opened to traffic on December 22, 2011.


August 25, 1944 Flashing lights provided
November 20, 1979 Flashing fluorescent 'Another Train Coming' signal provided
June 18, 1983 Boom barriers provided



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Grade separating Kororoit Creek Road on the Geelong line

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