Laverton Loop

Crossing Loop
Line: Altona
Distance from Melbourne: 21.227 km
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Opened: April 11, 1985
Closed: June 2010

Laverton Loop is a crossing place for train on the Altona line. The loop uses left hand running and is long enough for a 6 car suburban train to pass another. The most common usage of the loop is for down Werribee trains to wait in while a down Geelong V/Line service overtakes it.

As part of the rebuilding of Laverton station commencing in 2008, a third track was provided between Laverton Loop and the station. In June 2010 the loop was abolished, when the southern track was connected to the new line towards Laverton platform 3, and the northern track connected to the East and West lines as before.


April 11, 1985 Opened
June 2010 Closed
Line Opened
April 11, 1985 Line opened Westona to Laverton Junction
April 11, 1985 Laverton Loop opened. Automatic and Track Control section now Westona - Laverton Loop - Laverton Junction



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