Leopold Station

Line: Queenscliff
Distance from Melbourne: 84.000 km
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Opened: August 1, 1881
Closed: January 23, 1961

Opened as Kensington Flat, Leopold was built as a replacement for Kensington Hill station, which was closed due to it's poor location being some distance from the town.


August 1, 1881 Opened as 'Kensington Flat'
January 1, 1886 Renamed 'Leopold' (this year) due to pressure from the Post office as there was a Kensington station already in existance. The VR wanted to call it 'Dawlish'
March 29, 1887 Loop siding provided with goods platform
January 1, 1893 Station porter withdrawn and station worked under 'no one in charge' conditions
June 9, 1898 Staff locks provided to siding
July 24, 1924 Siding extened tby 130 feet
March 2, 1943 Closed to less than wagon load traffic
September 28, 1960 Siding removed
January 23, 1961 Closed
Line Opened
May 21, 1879 Line opened Queenscliff Junction to Queenscliff
February 18, 1930 Composite Electric Staff provided South Geelong - Leopold - Drysdale
Line Closed
November 6, 1976 Line closed Cheetham's Siding to Queenscliff



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