Moolap Station

Line: Queenscliff
Distance from Melbourne: 80.074 km
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Opened: August 1, 1881
Closed: March 10, 1936

Opened to serve local residents and workers at the salt works. Post WW1 traffic dropped off, with buses and the tram being quicker to get to into town.


August 1, 1881 Opened
January 1, 1887 Shelter shed / office provided (this year)
June 26, 1890 Loop siding and goods ramp provided
January 1, 1893 Station became 'no one in charge' (this year)
May 23, 1900 Loop removed due to lack of traffic
January 1, 1923 Litle passenger traffic - East Geelong tram terminus opens nearby. Station beomes a request stop.
March 10, 1936 Closed
Line Opened
May 21, 1879 Line opened Queenscliff Junction to Queenscliff
Line Closed
November 6, 1976 Line closed Cheetham's Siding to Queenscliff



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