Moriac Block Point

Block Point
Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 98.000 km
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Opened: February 22, 2009

On February 22, 2009 a block point was provided at the 98 km post in the section between Marshall and Winchelsea stations, a little over a kilometre from the closed station of Moriac. It was opened to provide an intermediate block point in the Marshall - Camperdown Train Order section, replacing Winchelsea station which was stripped of the status and home signals at the same time.

Bi-directional electronic end of train detection equipment was not provided, with a signaller needing to be on site if train orders are being issued for the location. The particular location is away from any level crossings, and is often used to speed the departure of the up Warrnambool freight from Camperdown of an evening.


February 22, 2009 Opened
Line Opened
November 25, 1876 Line opened Geelong to Winchelsea
February 22, 2009 Moriac Block Point opened. Train Order Working section now Marshall - Moriac Block Point - Camperdown
April 17, 2014 Warncoort Loop opened. Train Order Working section now Moriac Block Point - Warncoort Loop



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July 4, 2009


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