Mortlake Junction

Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Junction with: Mortlake Line
Distance from Melbourne: 222.000 km
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Opened: January 20, 1944
Closed: August 1, 1978

When the line to Mortlake was opened in 1890, the physical junction was located at Terang station, with the railway tracks running parallel for some distance before they diverged.

Mortlake Junction was opened in 1944 where the lines actually diverged, with the recovered rail used elsewhere as the country was at war. Alvie Junction opened outside Colac at the same time for the same reason. An intermediate staff instrument was provided for trains diverging from the main line, along with a home signal for up Mortlake trains. Train Staff and Ticket working was used on the branch line, being worked from Terang station.


January 20, 1944 Opened
August 1, 1978 Closed
Line Opened
February 4, 1890 Line opened Terang - Warrnambool
Track Amplified
January 20, 1944 Line singled Terang to Mortlake Junction
Line Closed
August 1, 1978 Line closed Terang to Mortlake



NOTE: Diagrams are not to scale.

 Mortlake Junction on opening


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