Mortlake Station

Line: Mortlake
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Opened: February 4, 1890
Closed: August 1, 1978

Mortlake was opened as the terminus of the branch line from Terang.

As well as the single platform located on the north-east side of the line, there was a dock siding at the up end, and a three road yard and a goods shed opposite the platform. An additional dead end siding ran from number 3 road southwards, there were also watering facilities, and a 6 ton crane. The stock yard was on the down side of the platform on the northern side of the line, located on a loop siding. From number 2 road through a double compound was a 53 foot turntable, coal stage, and a single road engine shed. In 1960 the goods shed from Vite Vite was moved to the station.

A home signal was provided at Mortlake in 1898, it was removed in August 1905. Plunger locking was provided to the main line points in May 1915, as well as an Annett lock on the turntable siding. In July 1931 both the passenger service and station master were withdrawn, the SM being reinstated in January 1955.

The turntable was taken out of use by November 1960, being removed by September 1969. A home signal was again provided at Mortake at an unknown date, it was removed (along with the plunger locking) and replaced by a location board in August 1962. The station master was removed on May 2, 1977 with the station (and line) closed to all traffic on August 1, 1978.


February 4, 1890 Opened
August 1, 1978 Closed
Line Opened
February 4, 1890 Line opened Terang to Mortlake
February 4, 1890 Staff and Ticket provided Terang - Mortlake
Line Closed
August 1, 1978 Line closed Terang to Mortlake



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 Mortlake on opening


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