Newport Station

Newport Station
Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 10.555 km
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Newport is a junction between the lines to Footscray, Williamstown, Geelong, Newport Workshops, and Brooklyn. The station has two side platforms alongside a pair of broad gauge tracks, with a dual gauge track running around the back of the Melbourne bound platforms. The Western standard gauge line which links Melbourne and Adelaide runs along this dual gauge track, running as dual gauge from Brooklyn and splitting onto it's own track on the down side of the station. A pair of sidings are located at the up end of the platforms for the turn around of shuttle trains on the Williamstown services.

The station buildings are of the same basic design, made of red brick with a tilted roof. The larger building is on the up platform and has a waiting room, booking office and kiosk, having been added onto at the platform side. The down station building has toilets and a waiting area. A subway links the platforms and the local streets either side, located at the down end of the station. The signal box is located between the station and the Melbourne Road overpass. Located atop a red brick relay room, it is constructed of beige coloured steel sheeting.


The Geelong and Melbourne Railway Company opened the line to Newport in 1857 from Geelong, but it ran along North Road to a temporary terminus at Greenwich as the line to on to Melbourne was not yet complete. In October that year the line towards Williamstown was completed, and so the Geelong line was connected to it.

The station site was where the Geelong and Williamstown lines met. However a station did not open at the site until 1859 as 'Williamstown Junction', being named 'Geelong Junction' two moths later. In January 1869 it reverted to 'Williamstown Junction' and was not named 'Newport' until November 1, 1881.

The present station building at Newport was constructed in 1911-12. Melbourne Road was grade separated in 1960, and the track around the rear was added in 1966, about the same time as the Brooklyn line was provided with a link into Tottenham and Melbourne. Newport once had a large number of goods and refuge sidings, mostly removed.

To the north were sidings for the nearby flour mill, as well as the line to Brooklyn. The line to Brooklyn was duplicated in 1967, with the area rebuilt in 1995 as part of the Western standard gauge line works.

Along the Geelong line there were refuge sidings on both sides stretching to Newport South, as well as the Newport Freezing Works sidings on the other side of Champion Road. On the northern side there was also a siding for the large traction power substation, and later works sidings for the standard gauge line. The refuge sidings on the southern side are still in place, but little used or maintained except for track machines.

To the east of the Williamstown line alongside Melbourne Road was the Newport goods yard, which ran as far as North Williamstown. Made up of two balloons each over a dozen sidings wide, there was also two weighbridges and a number of dead end sidings. By the 1980s these sidings had been rationalised to a single balloon and a headshunt at the south end, and by the 1990s they were removed and the area turned into a medium-density housing development.

A pair of tracks also ran into Newport Workshops. These tracks then divided into another two pairs, each having a platform for workers at the end. Only the Number 1 platform remains today, also known as the 'Garden Platform'.


Signal box

Newport once had a large wooden signal box with mechanical frame. This was removed in April 1997 and replaced with the current signal box and computer based interlocking. Double line block continued to be used on the line towards Williamstown for some period after this.

The signal box now controls Altona Junction, Laverton, Newport South, Westona, and Williamstown.



(January 15, 1912) Goods sidings (Sidings D) provided between goods yard and Down Williamstown line
(June 1, 1914) Newport Workshops No. 2 platform opened to traffic. New double line provided
(June 8, 1916) Grain Sidings (later Altona Sidings) provided off Sunshine Loop line
(August 2, 1920) Overhead alive from Spencer Street to Williamstown and Williamstown Racecourse
(August 20, 1929) Siding provided for Construction Branch. Leads off Down Geelong line facing down trains.
November 29, 1929 Sidings 'E' provided.
June 26, 1960 Signals altered due to grade separation
October 3, 1960 Interlocked gates abolished due to provision of overpass. Wicket gates remain for now
July 7, 1961 Pedestrian subway provided. Wicket gates abolished
November 7, 1965 New main line on Braybrook Loop line provided on east side of former line. Former main line now siding only accessible from Brooklyn
February 19, 1966 Altona siding out of use. Altona loop siding made straight, and additional dead end siding provided
December 11, 1966 Freight line provided behind the main platform
July 22, 1967 Siding on Braybrook Loop line now West main line.
November 19, 1972 Post 60 moved 33 feet out due to platform extensions
(March 25, 1980) W. Cooper Siding provided off siding C
Line Opened
October 3, 1857 Temporary Greenwich terminal and stub line closed. Geelong line now connected to the partially completed Williamstown line. A ferry complete the journey from Williamstown to Melbourne
January 17, 1859 Williamstown line finally completed to Melbourne. Geelong trains can now operate direct to Spencer Street Station
Track Amplified
(March 18, 1885) Line duplicated Newport to Newport South
(January 19, 1887) Line duplicated Spotswood to Newport
(March 18, 1885) Double Line Block provided Newport - Newport South
(January 19, 1887) Double Line Block provided Spotswood - Newport
March 24, 1929 Automatic Block System provided Spotswood - Newport
March 31, 1946 Automatic Block System provided Newport - Newport South
November 21, 1976 Footscray closed. Automatic Block System section now South Kensington - Newport
(September 3, 1991) Yarraville closed. Automatic Block System section now South Kensington - Newport



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STOP board in place on the dual gauge track towards Brooklyn while West Gate Tunnel works occupy the line

And a baulk over the broad gauge track, booked out for some years now

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