Paisley Station

Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 14.079 km
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Opened: October 14, 1929
Closed: April 14, 1985

Paisley opened in 1929 as a minor station on the line, located beside the Millers Road level crossing. In 1967 the platforms were rebuilt when the line was duplicated. 1973 saw the provision of the adjacent Millers Road overpass, followed in 1975 by a new pedestrian subway to access the station.

The final station facilities provided was a small wooden building on the island platform. With the electrification of the Werribee line in 1983, Paisley saw Werribee services stopping at it until 1985, when the trains were re-routed along the Altona loop line, and the station closed. The bus interchange and park and ride car park were provided on the south-west side of Millers Road in 1991.

The island platform remains today, though overgrown. The subway was filled in at unknown date, with the remains of the northern ramp being demolished in 1994 when the adjacent Standard Gauge line was built. The bus interchange and car park remain today, though seeing very little use by passengers.


October 14, 1929 Opened
May 31, 1971 Worked under Caretaker conditions
July 18, 1973 Subway provided to station
April 14, 1985 Closed due to opening of Altona - Laverton line
April 14, 1985 Closed
Line Opened
June 25, 1857 Line officially opened between Geelong and at temporary terminus at Greenwich. A ferry was used the complete the journey to Melbourne
October 3, 1857 Temporary Greenwich terminal and stub line closed. Geelong line now connected to the partially completed Williamstown line. A ferry complete the journey from Williamstown to Melbourne
January 17, 1859 Williamstown line finally completed to Melbourne. Geelong trains can now operate direct to Spencer Street Station
Track Amplified
October 22, 1967 Line duplicated Altona Junction to Laverton



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Towards Laverton

Looking towards Laverton from Kororoit Creek Road

March 11, 2007

Disused platform

Looking in the up direction towards Newport

April 5, 2006

Millers Road Overpass

Overview of the road overpass and former subway

April 5, 2006

Bus stop

Terminus of route 432

April 5, 2006

Former subway

Remains of the former subway. This ramp was demolished when the adjacent standard gauge line was built in the 1990s

April 5, 2006