Panmure Station

Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 242.688 km
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Opened: February 4, 1890
Closed: ((October 5, 1982))

Located west of Mahoneys Road, the platform mound is still visible today, as well as the clearing where the yard once was. What appears to be the former station masters residence is now in private ownership.

Panmure had a 'Type B' standard VR portable station building, with an office, lobby, and a combined general / ladies waiting room, with a veranda over the front edge. A van goods shed was located at the up end, the lamp room was at the down end, along with the toilet.

The station was an Electric Staff station for a number of decades. A composite staff was provided in the section to Allansford in 1925, due to Cudgee being opened as a block point. In 1940 Panmure was altered so that it could be switched out, being able to open as a Intermediate Composite Electric Staff Block Point in the Terang - Warrnambool section, as long as Allansford was not switched in. The composite staff for Cudgee was withdrawn by 1967.

The 1929 track chart of the line showed the platform on the north (up) side of the line, with a three road and goods platform located across from them. The goods shed was at the down end of the platform. The stationmaster was withdrawn in 1930 and was instead worked under caretaker conditions. In April 1968 the dead end extension of number 2 road was connected back to the main line 257 yards further down to form an extended loop.

The station was made no-one in charge by August 1979. By 1980 the station building had been shortened to just the station office, with a small undercover waiting area located on the down side, and the signal levers located beside the up end of the building. The station was one of five on the line closed to passenger traffic as part of the 'New Deal' of 1981.


February 4, 1890 Opened
((October 5, 1982)) Closed
Line Opened
February 4, 1890 Line opened Terang to Warrnambool
June 5, 1911 Garvoc opened. Large Electric Staff section now Garvoc - Panmure
(April 7, 1925) Garvoc opened in Composite Electric Staff section Panmure - Allansford
April 24, 1933 Garvoc opened in Composite Electric Staff section Terang - Panmure
May 16, 1940 Panmure opened. Composite Electric Staff section now Terang - Panmure - Warrnambool
January 17, 1967 Panmure closed in Composite Electric Staff section Terang - Warrnambool



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 Panmure 1929



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Stationmasters house?

January 5, 2009

Up end of the station yard

January 5, 2009

Occupation underpass

January 5, 2009