Pirron Yallock Station

Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 168.332 km
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Closed: November 21, 1985

Pirron Yallock is located south of the town itself, on Kervines Road between Swan Marsh and Station Roads. The platform was located south of the tracks on the down side. The carriage dock was removed in 1911. The station master was replaced by a porter in October 1939.

The station was provided with plunger locking on the main line points on December 13, 1909. From 1929 it was just an intermediate electric staff block point, but only when Pomborneit was not one. This requirement was removed in 1967. In July 1965 the dead end extension of number 2 road abolished, to permitting the road to be extended by 340 yards at down end.

Pirron Yallock was made 'no one in charge' in 1978, with the station was one of five on the line closed to passenger traffic as part of the 'New Deal' of 1981. It was closed as an Electric Staff station on November 21, 1985. All signals were abolished, and points spiked

The station building remains unused today, behind a cyclone fence with no gates. A radio tower is located alongside, as is a disused water tank. The station was restored by the State Government in the last 5 years, with the building repainted and all windows and doors blanked off.


November 21, 1985 Closed
Line Opened
July 2, 1883 Line opened Colac to Camperdown
September 20, 1928 Miniature Electric Staff provided Colac - Pirron Yallock - Pomborneit
November 21, 1985 Pirron Yallock closed. Miniature Electric Staff section now Colac - Camperdown



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Along the former platform

January 5, 2009

No gate in the fence either

January 5, 2009

Water tank at the up end

January 5, 2009