Princes Freeway, Laverton

Road Overbridge
Line: Geelong and Warrnambool
Distance from Melbourne: 20.640 km
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The Princes Highway bridge at Laverton was opened in 1939 when the road was deviated to the south of the Laverton RAAF base, to permit its runways to be extended. The Commonwealth funded the 10km deviation, which also included an underpass at Kororoit Creek Road for explosives trucks travelling between Deer Park and Altona to avoid crossing the highway at grade. The old route was north of the current Freeway, following what is now known as 'Old Melbourne Road' and crossing the railway at the down side of Hoppers Crossing station.

In 1955 the Country Roads Board commenced duplication of the highway between Brooklyn and Norlane, with a new bridge required at Laverton. Mention of the construction of this road over bridge was made in the February 1959 issue of "Railway Transportation". During the same period the VR special instructions for Laverton station mention a level crossing being located at the up end of the station.

It appears the the road has been expanded in width over the years, to allow for extra traffic lines overhead. The bridge originally spanned two railway tracks, until 1995 when construction of the standard gauge line resulted in the northern abutment being undercut to fit an extra track. When construction starts on the Laverton turnback platform in 2009 the southern abutment will also need to be undercut to fit a fourth track.


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